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Welcome to the Men's Leadership Alliance

The Men's Leadership Alliance is committed to helping men achieve greatness in their lives. In a circle of trust, courage, and power, we challenge men to live fully in their maturity, with the support of their brothers. We help men meet the demands of their lives.Our experience informs us, and through it we know: a man's life is so much the richer when reflected in other men he can call his brothers.If you're ready to own your strengths as a man, husband, or father, come join us this spring or summer for one of our upcoming programs.


Intergenerational Leadership:
Insights from Across the Life Cycle,
About Collaborating for Social Change

Presented by: Mark Gerzon and a panel of Intergenerational Leaders

In transformative times, the world desperately needs the leadership of both younger and older generations. Enduring social change requires both the energy, courage, high-tech skills and innovation of youth, and the life experience, resources, and generativity of eldership. Marc Gerzon .

$15 SUGGESTED Donation


Summer 2014 Programs

For Men For Fathers, Sons & Young Men
Men's Vision Fast - July 25 - Aug 2

Answer the call of life purpose in this powerful rite of initiation.

Passageways for Fathers & Sons Ages 9-12 - June 12-15
In celebration, fathers and sons, attain a new understanding of this most primary relationship.
The Heart of Leadership - Aug 6-10

Lead in the world with authority, wisdom, and heart in this deep inquiry into leadership.

Forging The Path for Young Men Ages 17-24 - July 3-8
Young men, journey into the healthy independence of adulthood, guided by the truths of your heart and soul.

Minnesota Summer Soul Retreat - Aug 19-24
Integrate your life vision with life’s daily demands in a supportive community of men.
Teen Boys Rite of Passage Ages 13-16 - July 9-13
Teen boys, learn, grow and take the first initiated steps into life as a young man.

See more info on all programs.


A Resource for the Soul

When a person is ready for this work—no matter what their age— they seek an emerging selfhood, rich with deep feelings, honest, engaging communication, and genuine support. A person's greatness comes from their courage to embrace the so-called weaknesses in their character. At MLA, we follow a practice of emotional and spiritual ownership. It is a way of deep responsibility —one that embraces not only our victories, but our wounds and losses, betrayals and attacks, the damage we have done or sanctioned... as well as the wounds we have endured. True power comes neither from dominance nor from submission. There is another way —one that embraces both of these aspects and creates a third alternative.

Join us in our quest. We invite you to commit to this path of true selfhood. All are welcome. The richer our diversity, the more we can find our own true selves... and unleash the deep power that lies within every one of us.


Men's Offerings

Other Upcoming Events
March 19-May 14
     Men's Quest for Truth
June 12 - 15
     Inner King Training

Do you or a man you know need support in your/his life? Embrace a new paradigm of manhood. Reach out for help.

Ongoing Men's Groups
Looking for a men's group that meets on an ongoing basis?

Start A Men's Group
Step by Step Guide.

Books We Recommend
Enrich your life. Check out these great books on manhood, some written by MLA staff.

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